The sea

The coast of Sulcis Iglesiente extends over a surface of 200 km that alternates beautiful cliffs and fine white sand. Its crystalline sea is surrounded by a landscape often uncontaminated and wild. Some of the main seaside resorts of the area are Porto Pino, San Nicolò, Buggerru, Cala Domestica, Gonnesa Gulf, Masua, Coaquaddus, La Bobba, Portixeddy, Gold of Palmas.

Porto Pino

This big pinewood near the town of Sant’Anna Arresiis characterized by a marvelous sea and a beach 4 km long with a peculiar silver sand. In the southern part of the beach there are beautiful natural dunes of sand up to 20 meters tall.


San Nicolò

Named after the dunes surrounding the beach, San Nicolò is a golden sandy expanse with a crystalline sea, junipers and huge pines all around that make the landscape breathtaking.



The beach is situated on the margins of a valley and it’s surrounded by the rocky walls of Mount Malfidato. It’s easily reachable by the roads of the village and it’s characterized by a crystalline sea and a sandy sea bed.


Cala Domestica

It’ a lovely beach with colorful sand (white, golden and orange). It’s situated in an area dominated by Mediterranean scrub. a place absolutely not to miss is la caletta a small beach reachable through a tunnel dug in the rock by miners.


Golfo di Gonnesa

A breathtaking environment that offers uncontaminated beach and peculiar flora and fauna. The area includes numerous mining sites fallen into disuse. In the gulf there are two marvelous beach highly apreciated by tourists during summer: Fontanamare a beach 3 km long with thin golden sand; and Porto Paglia the beach famous for the ancient tonnara of Gonnesa, that used to be one of the most important tonnara in the Mediterranean sea.


In this small town near Iglesias there are a lot of coves with beautiful water and beautiful rocks. The jewel in the crown of the area is the famous Pan di Zucchero a faraglione (stone pillar) made of limestone133 meters tall, with two natural arcs one of which can be crossed with a small boat or even swimming. An evocative place declared natural monument in order to preserve the geological and paleontological heritage of the area..



This beach on the southern part of Sant’Antioco island is a long sandy expanse on an enchanting turquoise sea.


La Bobba

On the southern part of San Pietro, few km from Carloforte this beach has thin white sand that wonderfully contrasts with the green of the numerous bushes all around. The two faraglioni visible to the naked eye from the shore separate La Bobba from the other adjacent area La Lucchese.



Is a 3 km long beach with thin white sand, surrounded by a luxuriant pinewood that can be a shelter in the hottest hours of the day. The crystalline sea is often rough, as usual in the western part of Sardinia, and it’s the ideal place for surfers in search of adventure.


Golfo di Palmas

It’s situated between the rocky shores of Sant’Antioco island and Mount Sarri in an area of subsidence. The gulf is named after the palms that grow spontaneously in the area.