The beauty of Sardinia and in particular of Sulcis area only isn’t due to the beautiful sea and beaches. There’s an uncontaminated nature around this lovely water that contributes to create a magic union between the sea and the land and that makes the whole landscape astonishing. The area of Sulcis Iglesiente is rich in points of interest and “natural monuments”. Those are protected by special laws in order to defend their geological and paleontological value. There are three natural monuments in the region: Le Colonne (columns) of Carloforte, a pair of sea stacks arising from the sea; Il Canal Grande (great channel) of Nebida, a cove with limestone red walls, and the huge faraglione (stack) Pan di Zucchero of Masua, village near the city of Iglesias.
There are also many protected areas in which several endangered species live, such as the Lipu (Italian league for birds protection) Oasis in Carloforte established in 1991. A wide area of 235 hectares in which is possible to see many rare species like hawk Regina, kestrel and buzzard. In the Oasis there are many trails that allow tourists to explore the place in its entirety. Also the region that surrounds Portoscuso, Sant’Anna Arresi, Giba and Masainas hosts uncommon species like sultan chicken, heron and pink flamingo.