Tuna tastings from all over the world
The most delicious recipes from the traditions of Four Continents

Recipes of tuna from four continents. At the dock Mamma Mahon you can take a virtual journey through the flavors of tuna from the culinary traditions of the Four Continents. The visitor can choose between the taste of the specialties of Carloforte or among the international proposals from Japan, Tunisia and USA. Recipes for all tastes with a single great protagonist: his majesty the tuna.

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Menus for the Tuna Village

The flavours of Sardinia

by Carlo Biggio, “Osteria Moderna Mamma Fina” in Cargliari

  • Fried focaccia, bodano with thyme and wild oregano, mayonnaise with soy milk.
  • Fennel salad, sesame seeds, radish, seared ventresca and olive oil ice cream flavoured with juniper.
  • Trofie, tuna tartare, lime, stracciatella..


12€ for a dish of choice and a drink.

The Japanese cuisine

by Lorenzo Lavezzari and Haruo Ichikawa of the “Otto Cucina e Bottega” restaurant in Milan.

  • Shimbara maguro somen, winner recipe of Girotonno 2017.
  • Tuna tartare in yuzo miso sauce: Japanese-style tuna tartare, Sardinian camone tomato, yuzu miso sauce and tuna bottarga​
  • Tuna with tuna sauce: sliced tuna served cold with tuna sauce, candied capers of Pantelleria and carasau bread

12€ for a dish of choice and a drink